to remind us

Yesterday was a Jonah day in our house. My fella and I just could not find our groove and were scratchy, tired and generally rubbing each other up the wrong way. It was hard to feel discordant like that. Only happens every now and then and is such a contrast to how things normally feel between us.

So, to remind us all to tend the garden and feed the love, I give you this wonky photo, snapped through the window of a bus on recent travels with a good friend


I wonder who grew this?

I hope that home is a harmonious place for you : )

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3 Responses to to remind us

  1. MildlyCrafty says:

    Hey Jules, I hope today is better for you! I LOVE that photo!!

  2. julesmoon says:

    Thanks lovely! A good memory there : )

  3. Tony says:

    made me smile 🙂

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