oops! knitting classes here in may!

I neglected to mention that I am putting together a 5-week course on knitting for beginners at lovely Nikki’s studio! I will be guiding the way through those first clumsy stitches, skilling students up in shaping and other essential techniques, discussing different types of fabric and textures in knitting and looking at issues around sizing and styles. This course is all about putting those skills to use and the latter sessions will be focused on choosing a simple pattern, casting on and working through the project, problem-solving and finishing.

So, if you or anyone you know might be partial to a comprehensive, supportive introduction to the craft (and hey, classes will be accompanied by a fortifying glass of wine to help bolster you!), do go over and have a peek at this and the other classes that Nikki runs!

Curious Zwartbles sheep, Kingussie

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2 Responses to oops! knitting classes here in may!

  1. Raynor says:

    Teaching machine! Go you! This sounds very cool. ^_^

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