He was wanted after all

Just a little update on my lovely lion who I mentioned in another post. He was left behind on a childhood  afternoon fossicking through treasures at the Army and Navy Stores and I rediscovered him a year later; in between feeling very happy to be holding him again, I remember wondering why nobody else had taken him home. Because, as you can see, he was a real little sweetie…

Liony the lion

Well, I just got the full story from my mum… I was convinced that I’d left him at the park. We retraced our steps but couldn’t find him anywhere. I cried… and then moved on.

Meanwhile, he sat on the shelf at the Stores… and apparently many children wanted to take him home but the lovely men working at the Stores kept him, just in case I came back. And, the next winter, I did.

I now feel very happy to know that, all that time he sat on the shelf, he was wanted after all… and that he got some interim cuddles. But I’m even happier that they were kind enough to hold onto him for so long so that we could be reunited. Really, how lovely and generous to do that!

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2 Responses to He was wanted after all

  1. Raynor says:

    He’s beautiful! Remind me to show you my lion collection one day. ^_~

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