fibres and threads

Willow in morning mist

I just spent three days surrounded by fibres and threads of many kinds. There was knitting- of both kinds- and crochet:

A brilliant raglan jumper in the making

Snug place for a cold day

a touch of needlework:

Frank Lloyd Wright canvaswork design

and heaps of sewing of garments, quilts and more:

Vegetable-printed fabric

Beautiful tunic dress

The sewing was particularly inspiring for me as I haven’t been in front of a sewing machine in a long time. I’ve never taken the time to learn how to do things the right way- basically, I’m a lazy sewer- and, as result, am often disappointed with my results, so the knowledge, talent, experience and enthusiasm swirling around me in the room was intoxicating! Listening, observing and asking advice reminded me how valuable times like this weekend away are and how the connections we make can enable so much sharing- and I feel incredibly lucky to have been included of such an amazing bunch of women.

Cluster of samaras

Thanks so much for a lovely weekend, Sooz, Maria, Kirsten, Michelle, Kate, Amanda, Di, Leslie and Ellen… and now for Knit Camp next weekend! I can’t wait!

Photos of completed projects to follow shortly- I now have a box of half-finished sewing projects to add to my basket of knitted ones!

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2 Responses to fibres and threads

  1. Nikki says:

    Yep… nothing quite like that shared crafting space. Sigh…..

  2. SO great to spend the weekend with you Jules. And beautiful photographs – that first one is breathtaking.

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