grampians camping

Some much-needed time in the bush for my honey and me…

Getting there is easy....

when the roads are this quiet....

Watching the trees whizz by

Cosy times in the tent

Fires to fiddle with

Vegies cooked on the fire

Damper and vegemite, my favourite ; )

Waterfalls spotted but sadly not swum in...

Peaks were gazed up at

and climbed!

Met a wallaby and her young joey,

a crazy yellow worm

and got eyed off by a wedge-tailed eagle

Found a birds nest made of skeletonised leaves

And, as it is wildflower season, lots of flower hunting- but more of that tomorrow!

Thanks for everything, Scotto!

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5 Responses to grampians camping

  1. Cassandra says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a great trip, would love to make it some time!

  2. Wow, think we must have been up there at the same time. It was so sad that everything was closed (particularly mackenzies) but still lovely up there. Wish I could have stayed longer

  3. Sibel says:

    WOW, so beautiful! You make this girl dream! 🙂

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