grampians wildflower season

After (and perhaps as a result of) the massively destructive floods last summer and the fires in 2006, the Grampians are aflush with luxuriant growth this spring.

Gleichenia dicarpa; Pouched Coral Fern

Unfurling; Pouched Coral Fern

Carnivorous Drosera auriculata; digesting mosquitos in the early morning

Lichens on clifftop

Orange wood fungus

Mosses in "flower"

And, with over one thousand species of plants to be found in the park, the flush of flowers was an absolute joy to experience…

Comesperma volubile; Love Creeper- nice name ; )

Chamaescilla corymbosa; Blue Squill

Stypandra glauca; Nodding Blue Lily

Craspedia sp; Billy-Buttons

Platylobium obtusangulum; Common Flat-pea

Grevillea dimorpha; Flame Grevillea

Daviesia brevifolia; Leafless Bitter-pea

Isopogon ceratophyllus; Horny Cone-bush

Never seen anything like these small, succulent rosettes....

Epacris impressa; Common Heath

Leucopogon sp; Beard Heath

So much has changed in the park as a result of the natural events of the last few years; roads, paths and walking tracks, facilities and the very landforms that make up the landscape of the area. The plants, however, are as beautiful as ever, adapting more easily to these events by spreading their seeds and even re-rooting after being washed along in the floodwater. And wonderfully, I witnessed their ongoing celebration by plant-lovers from all over the world. Go out there if you can- you’ll be amazed.

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5 Responses to grampians wildflower season

  1. Annie says:

    Such beautiful photographs 😀

  2. sclues says:

    Jules, your photographs are absolutely STUNNING!
    love, love, LOVE them x

  3. Suse says:

    Is the purple climber one of the hardenbergias?

    • Jules says:

      It didn’t look right for a Hardenbergia- too fine and didn’t have that big plate with the little lime spots- and I have been hunting around and found it- Comesperma volubile! Thanks for the suggestion- It is fun to ID things, isn’t it!

  4. Tamara says:

    These are beautiful photos! I have a soft spot for ferns.

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