quiet time

The days between Christmas and New Year are my favourite time in Melbourne- it is a lovely time for long walks in the quiet streets and some solid, post-celebratory snoozing. A fitting accompaniment is the new(ish) Gillian Welch album, which I am enjoying getting to know… this one is a slow unfurling- in some ways very much like her earliest albums but more personal and less obviously “old-time”.

So far, I like these two best.

Am also listening to new Martha Tilston- with the exception of a few swirling festival tracks filled with way too much flute and djembe for me, I like it- though not as much as Of Milkmaids and Architects. She has a beautiful, bare voice and some lovely lyrics.

Wishing you an equally chilled-out break…

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One Response to quiet time

  1. Nikki says:

    Yep – My favourite time as well. And I love a bit of GIllian. Best wishes to you and yours for a restful & restorative break.

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