autumn in daylesford

We spent some lovely time with good friends in Daylesford recently. There was lots of wind and rain so we didn’t get to be outside as much as we’d hoped- so we went for quality and not quantity…

I should mention at this point that (a) those were the only clothes he had packed for the weekend, (b) that rope was old and frayed and (c) willows drop branches quite regularly ; )

And of course, the rain meant that plenty of knitting was done. I started Terra, another  beautiful pattern from the ever-classy Jared Flood….

And I wasn’t disappointed by this one, which is a lovely combination of a simple variation of my old favourite garter stitch and then some old shell, again in a different form to what I’ve done before. An immensely wearable shawl and a suitably special use for the last three hanks of Beaverslide that I’d been hoarding since making my big cozy. Man, I love that yarn… And I am pretty happy with the colour it came out- the same midnight-blue that I used to dye my Arabella and it seems to be my equivalent to black.

No on-the-body shots as yet. I’m too busy huddling by my computer for warmth in this sudden onslaught of winter ; )

Thanks for a really lovely time away, Amy and Matt!

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5 Responses to autumn in daylesford

  1. sclues says:

    gorgeous shawl jules ❤ it …

  2. Tony says:

    The dog looks like it’s having a great time too!

  3. Emma says:

    Beautiful shawl Jules. Garter stitch and old shale are one of my favourite stitch pairings.

  4. mary jane says:

    What a lovely time. I love being holed up inside knitting on rainy days!

  5. Amy says:

    Great photos Jules! I couldn’t believe Scotto had the guts to have a go on that rope! It was lovely to have you come and stay, I just need to remember next time to bring enough yarn to keep me going 😦

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