sarah’s quilt

My sister and I started making a small quilt quite a few years ago, when she returned to Melbourne after many years in East Timor. At the time, she was testing the waters to see whether she wanted to settle here and was finding city life tough, especially the dark and cold of the Melbourne winter… I suggested picking up a craft, something she could do at night or when she was feeling at a loss. So we started a quilt, using some of the many tais that she’d been given during her time in Timor. She had collected some big, beautiful pieces of weaving but she didn’t know what to do with all those thin strips of brightly coloured fabric…


We cut them into triangles- and then she moved back to Timor! Too hot up there for quilting, she reckoned, so they went into my cupboard. I thought about piecing them together for her wedding but didn’t get around to it… now, in a few weeks, she’s starting chemotherapy to see if there is anything that can be done for her tumour and so I thought it was a good time for those brightly coloured fabrics to come out of the cupboard.


Some lovely friends helped to bring cohesion to such a riot of colours. It is my first pieced quilt: quite imperfect and a bit crazy, perfect for my sister and I ; )

Reds, oranges and blues

Blues, pinks and yellows

May it bring her strength and light when times are dark!

East Timorese fabrics

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11 Responses to sarah’s quilt

  1. michelle says:

    you are so beautiful Jules. xxx Much strength to you both. Oh – and the quilt is awsome. Totally!

  2. Perfectly perfect, I would say. x

  3. Nikki says:

    Lovely quilting… and made with lots of love, which is completely evident.
    Wishing your sister all the very best. xx

  4. Suse says:

    That’s the best kind of quilt – stitched with love and meaning.

  5. Katie says:

    That is beautiful, both the story of it’s creation, and the quilt itself.

  6. magnusmog says:

    The quilt is perfect in its imperfection. Wishing your sister all the best with her treatment.

  7. Kate says:

    A beautiful quilt and a beautiful present for your sister.

  8. knitsofacto says:

    Who could fail to be cheered by such a quilt Jules. May it bring Sarah healing and health x

  9. Sharon says:

    Beautiful, beautiful…. Those strong, bold colours will make both of you smile…. Best wishes to you both…

  10. Raynor says:

    That is just gorgeous, Jules, and it will mean so much to her I’m sure. I got a bit teary! Missing you lots, hope everything goes well and the chemo proves a help. xoxo

  11. Beautifully repurposed! I know it will bring comfort during this difficult time.

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