I just got back to Melbourne after some time in Darwin. Not sure what the stats are on frosts and how this year compares to others, but it certainly feels very cold, especially in the mornings! No complaints here though- I’d take our cold over Darwin weather anytime.





Grass prints on wood

It was lovely to spend a few moments in the back garden before work yesterday- it got my feet back on the ground after a week that was both challenging and rewarding, with a bit of lovely thrown in too. A huge thanks to everyone who has commented here or offered support in other ways recently- my sister is focusing hard on getting through treatment and planning some lovely things to do when it is finished. She’s amazing.

We’re off for a walk in the trees… hope you enjoy your day : )

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2 Responses to frost

  1. sooz says:

    Welcome back! Missed you and look forward to seeing you soon. Don’t need stats to know IT IS FREEZING!!

  2. Laura says:

    Those are beautiful photos! We are just moving into the fall season, and I love the crisp mornings!

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