I spent some time with friends at the Sakura festival in Olinda last weekend… life has been pretty intense and heavy recently and I found that the odd combination of quiet time in the trees and deafening taiko drumming provided a bit of relief from the swirling of thoughts and feelings. And it was lovely to see signs of spring all around, even if I don’t feel them stirring inside me yet…



Throat and tongue

Ulmus sp.

Ulmus sp.

Acer japonicum “Vitifolium”- Full Moon Maple

Full Moon Maple

Maple flowers in afternoon sun

Happy spring to you : )

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2 Responses to spring

  1. Kieran says:

    It’s funny that it is Spring for you and Fall for us. I want to move to where you are! Love the Magnolia pics. They are so beautiful….

  2. Now Geoff and I have moved to Ballan we have to wait an extra month for spring. We went to Bacchus Marsh last weekend and Spring had exploded all over the place! Here, the shoots are just beginning to show. It’s amazing how it can be so different 20 minutes up the road.

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