Apparently, this is the year to get your neon yarn on…

Soursob on cotton

Solar-dyed, using a handful of soursob (Oxalis pes-caprea) flowers in a jar and adding boiling water and a skein of unmordanted cotton yarn. Left for 7 days on back deck in weak, late-winter sun.

I was very surprised how much colour the yarn took up, given that no mordant was used; it is much brighter than in the photo but I couldn’t capture the colour. Need to test for light-fastness.

I think I’ll dye the other 2 skeins I have (maybe grey or indigo) and use them together  to crochet a shopping bag…

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2 Responses to soursob

  1. Kate says:

    Lovely, I’ve heard that soursob is a mordant, haven’t tried it myself, I should experiment while the garden is covered in it.

  2. knitsofacto says:

    I *need* some soursob! (Which I had never heard of before by the way). I’m all for chemical free dyeing and on cotton, yowzers!

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