workshop with susan guagliumi

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with machine knitting innovator, designer, writer and teacher, Susan Guagliumi. This woman has been on the scene since the early eighties and has a serious amount of expertise and passion for the craft, so it was a privilege to listen to her talk and to watch her demonstrate bridging on her machine. I must admit that I was so engaged by her that I didn’t absorb much of the actual techniques! I just wanted to absorb her stories, thoughts and energy… I figured I could learn the techniques from her book anytime but it’s a rare thing to have access to her in person.

Below are some of the amazing swatches she brought along to demonstrate some of the many applications for bridging.

Short-row heels

Detail of short-row heels

Chain-link cable


Short-row wriggles

Short-row bumps, pre-and-post-felting

Rolled cable

For more on the workshop, read my lovely friend Christine’s post!

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2 Responses to workshop with susan guagliumi

  1. Katie says:

    ooooh the rolled cable and the short row heel flaps are amazing!
    and you can do all that on a knitting machine??

  2. Oh Wow! That must have been so inspiring! Would LOVE to know how to do those cables….

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