My feet have finally touched the ground after a wonderful whirlwind of a month. I was so busy in the lead-up to it that I didn’t even mention that I was heading overseas- to Iran! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow because that incredible country merits its own entire series of posts but basically I flew home and straight into the prep for my classes at the Craft Sessions a few days later. After waking up every morning a few minutes before the 4.30 call to prayer (connecting with my inner Muslim?!) while away, I then found myself in the habit of waking around 12.30am… no doubt jet lag but also pre-event prepping jitters! But all came together for Fridays kick-off and I think we were all super happy to finally be there in the Yarra Valley for the long-anticipated event! I arrived so sleep-deprived that I could barely string three words together (which didn’t help my nerves around teaching and public speaking) but the entire event was filled with such a sense of joy and willingness to share that we all couldn’t help but relax and enjoy the whole thing! That really reflected Felicia, the fantastic woman who drove the event, and her community of supporters… and I am so grateful to have been able to be involved in such a wonderful thing. Thank you, Felicia!

I’m sorry that I can’t show you much of what went on over the weekend but I was so intent on tending my dyepots and meeting people that I hardly took any photos- I didn’t get any of the wonderful designs that participants in my stranded colourwork class came up with and I only managed to take a few in my natural dye classes.

Shibori on silk ready for the indigo vat

Shibori on silk ready for the indigo vat

As often happens, we got the most interesting results with multiple layers of colour; in this case, overdyeing the lurid yellow and oranges we got from soursob and eucalpyts with indigo gave some lovely blues and green, but I was also impressed by the difference in results obtained from Eucalyptus cinerea on yarn premordanted with alum and iron.


Indigo over soursob, indigo over Eucalyptus cinerea (1 dip and 4 dips)


Eucalyptus cinerea; premordanted with alum and iron


Crochet left in overnight to exhaust the indigo vat

Luckily, I’ve been able to enjoy everyone else’s photos and see what happened in all the other classes on social media! If you want to be completely inspired to go to the next one, take a peek at the event blog, on Instagram (using #thecraftsessions) or the Craft Sessions group on Ravelry…

Now, off to the couch to knit for the first time in weeks! And then a VERY early night.

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3 Responses to home

  1. sclues says:

    welcome home Jules x

  2. kgirlknits says:

    thank you again – for your energy, your knowledge, and your willingness to share both! so lovely to meet you xx

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