I like teaching people how to knit!

Upcoming dates include:

Thread Den            

  • Knit 101- Thursday March 6 (6-8.30pm)
  • Beyond the Scarf- Thursday March 13 (6-9pm)

Handmakers Factory

  • Indigo Dyeing- Saturday March 15 (10am-1)

The Craft Sessions

  • Natural dyeing: 25 Colours From One Pot- September 5-7
  • Knitting: Steeking- September 5-7
  • Knitting: Fibre 101- September 5-7


To be announced shortly!

I’m also happy to come to you for a private or group knit class- just drop me a line!

2 Responses to classes

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Jules,
    Catherine from Richmond SnB here, Kemena on Rav.
    I have loads of fungi growing around my house, near Daylesford, and having been inspired by Norwegian friends, want to do a spot of trial dying.
    I think that what I need to do is pick them, cut them smallish and mix with water and then steep my wool in the fungi/water mixture. I’m cool with this.
    I guess that my mix would need to be coolish so as not to shrink/felt my wool. But, I think that I would get a more active dye bath if the fungi/water mix were heated before use. True?
    The things I know nothing about are mordants and post-dye fixes. Where should I look to find recipes for these?
    Are you still working at Morris & Sons? Should I find you there? Or perhaps meet up for a knitting beverage?
    Thanks from the beginner

  2. Cami says:

    Hi Jules !

    I’m really keen on learning a bit about extracting natural pigments and making dyes and was wanting to know when youd have a class or organise a private one?

    Look forward to hearing from you !

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